BioWizard 2 class biosafety cabinets - BLUE series

Code BioWizardSilver
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Non-compromising safety

  • Kojair always puts safety first, we never take risks by minimizing the flows.
  • All the flows in the cabinet are set to levels, ensuring the safety of the user, environment and operation. (Typical downflow 0,4 m/s).
  • Acoustic and visual alarms in any failure of air flows and in a false front window position.
  • Uniform laminar airflow (mean value even ±5%) over the whole working area secures safe operation.

Excellent ergonomics

  • Silent and comfortable sound level. 
  • The user annoying frequencies are minimized.
  • Efficient light tubes together with optimal tube positions ensure unique shadowless lightning over the whole working area.
  • Developed ergonomics enables better concentration of the user, meaning safe operation.
  • Completely closing electrical sliding front window.

Kojair sets a new benchmark for the whole industry

  • Energy consumption minimized and environmental effects of the cabinet optimized by improved technology and careful selection of components.
  • Low total consumption of energy, from 170 W (size 130) with normal flow speed and working lights on.

Easy to clean

  • All surfaces are smooth without any screws or crevices. Details of cabinet developed further to ensure easier cleaning
  • Airflow laminator protects the filter surface during wipe cleaning.
  • The brushed stainless steel three-piece table top is easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Stainless steel bottom sink with round corners.
  • The front window can be easily cleaned both inside and outside.
  • Side and front windows are made of laminated glass.
Product name
A106017  Biowizard Silver 100 BLUE safety cabinet, outer dimensions (WxDxH) 975x790x max.2180 mm, 180 kg Get quote
A105993  Biowizard Silver 130 BLUE safety cabinet, outer dimensions (WxDxH) 1280x790 max.x2180, 240 kg Get quote
A105696  Biowizard Silver 170 BLUE safety cabinet, outer dimensions (WxDxH) 1625x790x max.2180 mm, 342 kg Get quote
A109364  Biowizard Silver 200 BLUE safety cabinet, outer dimensions (WxDxH) 1930x790x max.2180, 330 kg Get quote