Integrity measurements of HEPA and ULPA filters, DOP tests


Measurement of the integrity of HEPA filters (the so-called HEPA filter validation, DOP test) is performed in order to verify their correct installation and to eliminate the lack of damage after filter replacement. The test of HEPA filters in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 14644-3 standard consists in applying the test aerosol through HEPA filters, and then scanning the clean side with a laser particle meter probe. Any leaks above 0.01% (depending on the type of filter and cleanliness class) qualify the filter for repair, and in the case of large damage, to be replaced with a new one.

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We test the tightness of mounting and integrity of HEPA / ULPA filters (the so-called HEPA / ULPA filter validation, DOP test) used in devices where the process of precise air purification is performed: in laminar flow cabinets, isolators, IVC racks - individually ventilated cage systems for laboratory animals e.t.c.

The test is performed in the customer's laboratory (in the final place using of the HEPA / ULPA filters) to confirm that the filter is tightly mounted in the housing and is free from damage and leaks. Testing the tightness and integrity of the HEPA / ULPA filter allows you to detect a leak of insufficiently cleaned air, which may be the result of:

  • lack of tightness of the connection between the filter and the housing of the device (caused e.g. by uneven tight filter to the diffuser housing, damaged or worn gasket),
  • damage to the filter during transport or assembly,
  • improper installation of the filter,
  • excessive use of the filter.

The filter integrity test is not used to determine the efficiency / effectiveness of "the filter itself", as such tests are performed and confirmed with an appropriate certificate by the filter manufacturer (in accordance with the standards of the PN-EN ISO 29463, formerly EN 1822). HEPA / ULPA filter integrity testing is performed during:

  • after replacing HEPA / ULPA filters,
  • as a periodic check for operating filters according to the schedule of service of devices in the laboratory,
  • collection of new pressure equipment, autoclaves by the customer and the technical authorities.

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