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Dahl/Salt Sensitive rat, SS/JrHsdMcwiCrl

Code Dahl Salt rat
SS rats have wide applications in hypertension, nephropathy and diastolic heart failure research.
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Nomenclature: SS/JrHsdMcwiCrl

Type: Inbred

Origin:Inbred from a congenic control group of Dahl/SS rats (SS/JrHsd) obtained from Dr. Theodore Kurtz (UCSF, CA) which were originally derived from the Harlan SS/Jr colony. Maintained at the Medical College of Wisconsin since 1991, this strain has undergone considerable marker-selected breeding to eliminate residual heterozygosity and genetic contamination. To confirm homozygosity, the strain was tested with 200 microsatellite markers (genome-wide scan at 20cM) all of which were homozygous for all regions tested. (Cowley et al. 2000, Physiol. Genomics 2:107-115). To Charles River in 2001.

Coat color:White (albino)

Strain code: 320

Ideal for: Hypertension, diastolic heart failure, nephropathy

Bred in: US

Health reports: Using strain nomenclature find the strain at link below

*Photos provided courtesy of Charles River