Code 24109

Safety and efficacy testing mouse model with applications in immunology and audiogenic seizures.

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Nomenclature: DBA/2NCrl

Origin: Developed by C.C. Little in 1909 from stock segregating for coat color. Oldest of all the inbred strains of mice. In 1929-1930, crosses were made between sublines, and several new sublines were established, including the widely used sublines 1 (previously called 12) and 2 (previously called 212). To Mider in 1938. To NIH in 1951 from Mider at F34. To Charles River in 1974 from NIH.

Breeding: Inbred

Coat Color: Non-agouti, dilute brown

MHC haplotype H2d

Ideal for: Safety and efficacy testing, immunology, audiogenic seizures.

Strain code: 026

Bred in: Germany, Italy, United States

Health reports: Using strain nomenclature find the strain at links below

*Images courtesy of Charles River