Desivac - isolation of used waste

Code 21U000815

The DESIVAC isolates used waste by vacuuming and sealing safely in the laboratory. Vacuuming waste ensures a hygienic working environment in the workplace. A major additional advantage is that, among other things, odor does not stand a chance. Hygiene filters eliminate odor nuisance and the risk of contamination in the event of an outbreak of, for example, the MRSA virus.

The active carbon filter absorbs the vacuum air and undesired odors are completely neutralized. The antibacterial filter helps to isolate a bacterial outbreak and ensures that the air leaving the Desivac is 100% safe and free of bacteria and viruses.

After the bag has been vacuumed, it is sealed airtight. This significantly reduces the amount of waste and there is no longer any odor nuisance or contamination risk.

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