Fume hoods

Kojair fume hoods are designed for laboratory use in industry, hospitals, schools, etc. The fume hood protect employees from exposure to materials and gases hazardous to their health. Fume hoods are attached to their own exhaust ventilation ducts with mechanical air extraction. Kojair Fume hoods are delivered in accordance with the customer’s requests with the equipment specified, ready for installation.
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Construction and materials

The Kojair fume hood is made of stainless steel or stove-enamelled steel. The work surface is made of stainless or acid-resistant steel or melamine-coated chip board. The front door glass is 6 mm thick. The door is hinged and gas spring operated.

Operating principle

The fume hood is connected to a separate exhaust air ventilation duct equipped with a mechanical air extractor. The air flowing in the work space forms hardly any whirls. Heavy gases are extracted at the back of  the work surface, lighter gases and other light substances through the grating at the top of the working surface. The incoming air flows into the hood evenly through the whole working opening area and prevents harmful substances or gases from penetrating from the work space into the room. The fume hood effectively protects the employee from harmful exposure.

Equipment and installation

Kojair Fume hoods are standard-equipped with fluorescent lighting outside the work space, amelamine-coated or stainless steel, acid-resistant work surface and a light switch. The fume hood is ready to be connected to the exhaust air ventilation duct. The necessary connestions must be performed by a qualified contractor.


Dimensions and connections

  • Recommended air extraction volume for a 1000-mm wide fume hood is 300 m3/h
  • Design pressure drop for the nominal air volume is 40 Pa
  • Fume hood dimensioned to fit in well with standard laboratory fixtures
  • Vertical space required by the fume hood with the hatch in the fully upright position is 1150 mm
  • Hoods with non-standard dimensions and equipment are available on special order
  • Extraxtion duct socket (muffle) dia. 160 mm
  • Electrical connection 230V 50Hz
  • Drain connection NS 50
  • Fluorescent tube lighting 18W or 36W