GRADUS EDI - pure & ultrapure tap water system with EDI module


Adrona Gradus EDI is fully integrated and compact pure and ultrapure smart tap water system with electrodeionization module. It has unique built-in dispensers that provide both ultrapure Grade 1 and pure Grade 2 water.

Gradus EDI systems are intended for use in laboratories with high daily pure and ultrapure water consumption. This allows a significant reduction in the operating costs of the water treatment system, as the EDI module does not need to be replaced.

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The system requires external water tank and comes in 3 main configurations: Gradus EDI Trace, Gradus EDI LT, Gradus EDI Bio.

It has all-new electronics and software, providing a range of advanced features: large colour touch screen, data logging capability, a wide range of flow control options, drop-by-drop function, the ability to connect multiple remote dispensers, Ethernet and USB interfaces, dispense report preparation, improved accuracy of conductivity and TOC measurements. 

Key features of GRADUS EDI tap water purification system

  • Electrodeionisation module
  • Data logging option
  • Ethernet & USB interfaces
  • Dispense report preparation
  • Multi-language interface
  • Convenient 7-inch colour touch screen
  • Easy installation and trouble-free maintenance
  • Extensive flow control options
  • Built-in conductivity calibration sensors

More information you'll find on Adrona website.

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More information you will find on Adrona website.

Product name
GRADUS EDI TRACE  Pure & ultrapure tap water system with EDI module - TRACE
GRADUS EDI LT  Pure & ultrapure tap water system with EDI module - LT
GRADUS EDI BIO  Pure & ultrapure tap water system with EDI module - BIO