Microbiological safety cabinets class 1 - KC1

Code KC-1
Kojair KC-1 Microbiological safety cabinet – for protection of the user and the environment.
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Kojair KC-1 Microbiological safety cabinet – for protection of the user and the environment. KC-1 fulfills the requirements of standard EN-12469.

Kojair KC-1 is a class I safety cabinet which protects the user and the environment from hazards in handling infected and other dangerous biological material. This safety cabinet has an opening through which the operator can manipulate the objects it contains, air being continuously expelled to prevent the escape of airborne contamination generated inside.

The cabinet interior is constructed of stainless steel.

The front window is made of laminated 6 mm thick glass, and can be sealed for fumigation and opened for ease of access to the work space.

All internal finishes are solvent, disinfectant and abrasion resistant, and the base flat and rigid, preventing it from flexing which might create dangerous conditions inside the cabinet.

The illumination of the work surface is 1,000 lux.

The main filter is a leak-tested, high efficiency HEPA-filter which meets the requirements of standard H14, i.e. an efficiency of at least 99.995% for particles with an average diameter measured according to MPPS. The filter is mounted in such a way that no air can by-pass the filter medium.

Exhaust system
The cabinet is constructed to expel air into the atmosphere using an individual fan mounted downstream of the filter. The fan is virtually silent and voltage regulated. The cabinet is fitted with an automatic anti-flowback system downstream of the filters to prevent air flowing back inside, particularly when the fan is switched off.

Air velocity
The cabinet is designed to ensure that the air velocity at all points of the working aperture remains within the specified limits, a minimum of 0.7 m/s.

Noise level
The noise level is approximately 53 dB(A).

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