BALB/c Nude mouse (JAX™), CByJ.Cg-Foxn1nu/J

Code 24980
Mice carry a spontaneous mutation Foxn1nu on BALB/cByJ genetic background.
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Nomenclature: CByJ.Cg-Foxn1nu/J

Type: Immunodeficient, Inbred

Origin: This mutation occurred in 1962 in a colony of albino outbred mice maintained at the Ruchill Hospital in Glasgow. The strain BALB/cByJ-nude was created by repeated backcrosses to move the nude gene onto the BALB/cByJ background.

These mice carry a spontaneous mutation at the Foxn1 locus characterized by abnormal hair growth and defective development of the thymic epithelium.

See Charles River webpage with resources about immunodeficient models: Immunodeficient Mice and Rats

Coat color: Homozygotes: hairless, unpigmented; Heterozygotes: haired, albino

Strain code: 633 (Homozygotes), 657 (Heterozygotes)

Ideal for: Tumor biology and xenograft research

JAX™ Stock No: 000711

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Note: Only The Jackson Laboratory and Charles River in Europe and Japan maintain colonies of JAX™ Mice strains which are derived from pedigreed mice from The Jackson Laboratory and are re-infused routinely with pedigreed mice to stabilise the genetic integrity and phenotype of these strains.

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Bred in: France

Health reports: Using strain nomenclature find the strain at links below

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