TSE Systems

Particle Filter Penetration Test System

Code PFP system

TSE Systems has created a new economical and easy to use system reflecting current needs for filter testing based on our years of experience building turn-key systems for inhalation toxicology. We have taken our knowledge of aerosol generation, exposure chambers, and sampling equipment to create this system. The system is used for testing particle filter penetration for respiratory protective devices and follows the European Standard EN 13274-7.

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System principle

An aerosol of paraffin oil droplets or optionally of sodium chloride particles is generated by an aerosol generator. The test aerosol is fed into the test chamber, passing through the fixed test filter at a given flow rate utilizing a vacuum pump. If the flow rate from the generator is not high enough, an additional supply of air can enter the system via a HEPA filter before the test chamber to ensure a homogeneous aerosol concentration within the test chamber. The particle concentration of the aerosol is measured immediately before and after the filter under test using a spectrometer.