Phileas 25 Airborne Surface Desinfection ASD system

Code PHI25

The solution to your decontamination risk management strategy. System dedicated to very small spaces from 1 to 40 m³.

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The inherent complexity of achieving disinfection in very small spaces requires the use of techniques that are both precise and effective in order to reach and eliminate all of the present microorganism.

These microorganisms could potentially be present on any surface (walls, racks, work surfaces), or even equipment or consumables in laboratory, room, breeding facility, cold room. Battery-powered (NiMh) operation and programming cycles, enabling optimized disinfection in complete autonomy. Disinfection can be programmed and remotely controlled by tabletMyPhileas® (optional)

Use Philaes25 to decontaminate each surface in your laboratory

  • Portable machine with incorporated ergonomic carrying handles
  • With integrated liquid container which is easily accessible
  • Dual power: main power or battery (option)
  • Flow rate and product size are suited for small volume treatment

Specification of Phileas25

Dimensions L x W x H 475 x 193 x 222 mm
Weight only 5 kg
Screen LCD
Great performance with a NiMh battery (option) 2h30
Time battery charge 6h
Max. volume of treatment from 1 to 40 m3
Flow rate 700 ml/h
Granulometry 5 −> 10 µm
Tank 500 ml
Materials compatible with H2O2 Yes
Compliant CE


Standard system components
  • Phileas25
Extend system with following add-ons
  • O2S7.4 10 Disinfectant
  • Phileasafe Disinfectant solution