Platinum 2 class biosafety cabinets - multi fan

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The Kojair class II biosafety cabinet Platinum multi fan is one of the top safety cabinets of our Platinum line. Kojair, a company known worldwide for its innovative products. The list of innnovations invented by Kojair is considerable. But there are other ways in which Kojair distinguishes itself from other manufactures. Its high-quality materials, smooth finish and extreme eye for detail are what make Kojair truly unique.
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The Kojair class II biosafety cabinet Platinum multi fan is packed with SMART innovations. SMART innovations that contribute to higher ergonomics, safety and work enjoyment. This will gain many positive benefits for the end user.

The ´MF´ in Platinum MF stands for ´multi fan.With multiple fans Platinum MF automatically balances the inflow and down flow with more precision than ever before. Designed for the future packed with SMART innovations that meet the ingreasing and more stringent requirements of the new EN norm and industry (GMP).

Current Microbiological Safety Cabinets have high noise levels and the EN norm settles for under 65dB. Noise is undesired and unpleasant for workers. It puts load on brains and can harm physically and mentally. High sound level not only affects hearing, stress level and blood pressure but also weakens concentration, creativity and comprehension. The Kojair Platinum SMART is build conform the EN 12469:2000, with a sound level that starts at 37dB!

This is not just any number, as many of today´s companies claim to have a low sound level. To put an end to this debate, Kojair has had its biosafety cabinet officially certified by one of the leading research and technology organisations in Europe, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

Testing was carried out in an acoustic anechoic chamber according to EN-12469/NEN-EN-ISO 3744.

Key advantages of the Platinum MF Class II biosafety cabinet are

  • Most silent Microbiological Safety Cabinet in the world 37 dB(A) with the safest working conditions
  • User friendly touch screen with individual user accounts
  • Integrated installation channels
  • HEPA filter H14
  • Own booking system
  • The ever-evolving Android software
Product name
A110275  Platinum 130 MF safety cabinet, multi fan, outer dimensions (WxDxH) 1399x895x max.2195 mm, 345 kg
A110276  Platinum 170 MF safety cabinet, multi fan, outer dimensions (WxDxH) 1744x895x max.2195, 362 kg
A110277  Platinum 200 MF safety cabinet, single fan, outer dimensions (WxDxH) 2049x895x max.2195 mm, 448 kg