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SCID mouse, CB17/Icr-Prkdcscid/IcrIcoCrl

Code 241032
The congenic CB17 SCID mouse model is commonly used in tumor biology, xenograft research, transplantation and immunology studies.
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Nomenclature: CB17/Icr-Prkdcscid/IcrIcoCrl

Type: Congenic, Immunodeficient

Origin: SCID mice possess a genetic autosomal recessive mutation (scid). Discovered in 1980 by Bosma in C.B-17/Icr mice at Fox Chase Cancer Center. SCID mice show a severe combined immunodeficiency affecting both B and T lymphocytes. They have normal NK cells, macrophages, and granulocytes. To Charles River in 1991 from an Iffa Credo foundation colony.

See Charles River webpage with resources about immunodeficient models: Immunodeficient Mice and Rats

Coat color: White, albino

Strain code: 236

Ideal for: Tumor biology and xenograft research

Bred in: Germany, UK, France

Health reports: Using strain nomenclature find the strain at links below

*Photos provided courtesy of Charles River