µ-Slide 8 Well Polymer bottom

Code 80826

A chambered coverslip with 8 wells for cell culture, immunofluorescence, and high-end microscopy.

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  • All-in-one 8 well chamber slide for cost-effective experiments—small number of cells and low volume of reagents needed
  • In this microscopy slide, the cells are imaged on a No. 1.5 polymer coverslip bottom with the highest optical quality
  • A cell culture chamber suitable for most microscopy techniques (e.g., DICwidefield fluorescenceconfocal microscopytwo-photon microscopyFRAPFRETFLIM, or LSFM)
  • Now also available as a µ-Slide 8 Well high with extra high individual walls to keep cross contamination between wells as low as possible



Product name
80826  µ-Slide 8 Well ibiTreat #1.5 pokrov, tretirano kulturom tkiva, sterilizirano, 15 kom.
80821  µ-Slide 8 Well Uncoated #1.5 polymer pokrov,hidrofoban, steriliziran 15 kom.
80822  µ-Slide 8 Well Collagen IV #1.5 polymer pokrov, steriliziran 15 kom.
80824  µ-Slide 8 Well Poly-L-Lysine #1.5 polymer pokrov, steriliziran 15 kom.