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SomnoFlo™ Low-flow electronic vaporizer

Code SF-01
The SomnoFlo™ is a compact, standalone vaporizer that uses either ambient air with an internal air pump or compressed gas. It delivers only the anesthetic required by the animal according to its weight with flows down to 0.05 LPM.
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SomnoFlo™ is a low-flow electronic vaporizer with an automated delivery system. Just connect your anesthetic bottle directly to SomnoFlo and the system is ready for your procedure.


  • Extreme precision & accuracy
  • Just right for mice and other small animals
  • Ambient air or compressed gas
  • Saves time, increases accuracy, decreases WAG
  • Less waste gas exposure
  • Increases user safety
  • Automated anesthetic delivery system
  • Ensures precision to 0.1%
  • No annual calibration or certification
  • Provides for reproducible and uninterrupted studies
Standard system components
  • Integrated touch-screen display
  • Internal 100 mL anesthetic bottle compartment
  • External 250 mL bottle connection and holder
  • Anti-spill, anti-vapor bottle top adapter
  • Two accessory adapter
  • WAG canister and holder
Extend system with following add-ons
  • SOMNO-7305 Preset pressure reducer up to 100 psi and down to 15 psi (includes high pressure oxygen hose with DISS fitting)