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Spontaneously Hypertensive Heart Failure (SHHF) rat (Lean +/?), SHHF/MccGmiCrl-Leprcp/Crl

Code SHHF lean
Rat model for heart failure and hypertension reasearch.
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Nomenclature: SHHF/MccGmiCrl-Leprcp/Crl

Type: Inbred

Origin: Lean Phenotype. Breeding stock for this colony was transferred to Dr. Sylvia McCune at the University of Chicago Medical School in 1983 from the laboratory of J.E. Miller at G.D. Searle and Company. The animals were developed by backcrossing the SHROB rat to the SHR/N rat. Dr. McCune obtained the colony after the seventh backcross and continued to inbreed past 20 generations to fix the congestive heart failure trait. To Genetic Models, Inc. in 1994. To Charles River in 2001.

The SHHF Rat (Lean +/?) is the control model for the SHHF Rat (Obese cp/cp).

Coat color:White (albino)

Strain codes: 374 (Lean +/?)

Ideal for: Heart failure, hypertension

Bred in: US

Health reports: Using strain nomenclature find the strain at link below

*Photos provided courtesy of Charles River