Temperature programmable microchip

Code UCT-2112-24
UID has revolutionized the way researchers can now collect and record animal body temperatures with the new UID Temperature Programmable Microchip (UCT-2112). The UID Temperature Transponder uses RFID technology to enable animal identification and body temperature in a small microchip. The animal ID and temperature readings are conveniently accessible with a simple scan of the tiny microchip, which presents a noninvasive and more cost-effective solution compared to alternate methods, such as intrusive probes and large telemetry implants. 
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Temperature readings are achieved with a high degree of accuracy (±0.1°C @ 38°C) in increments of 0.1°C. The UID Temperature Microchip provides an accurate, convenient and cost-effective method for measuring body temperature in laboratory animals, including mice, rats, primates and other species.

In addition to temperature reading capabilities, each transponder contains a unique, non-repeating, alphanumeric code for positive animal identification. Furthermore, the UCT-2112 microchip contains up to 16 alphanumeric characters that enable read/write programmable capabilities. This feature allows researchers to program the microchip with useful “human readable” data, such as study number, genotype or animal DOB. Each microchip is supplied individually packaged in sterile cannula for quick and easy implantation using a wide range of UID injectors.

The UID Temperature Microchips can be scanned using any of the RFID readers from UID. Unlike other vendors, no dedicated or special readers are required! The URH-1HP handheld reader is a popular and cost-effective option for ID and temperature collection in rodents. The URH-300HP (handheld), with an effective read distance of up to 8”, is a great option for rabbits and larger lab animals. The UBS-200L Base Station reader also provides long read range and it is ideal for high throughput processes involving animal weighing, tumor measurements and dosing procedures.


Features and Specifications

  • Applications: Temperature and animal identification
  • Species: All species (mice and larger lab animals)
  • Temperature Resolution: ±0.1°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1°C
  • Temperature Read Range: 25°C – 50°C
  • Size: 2.1mm x 13mm
  • Implantable: IP, SQ or IM in mice and other species
  • Unique ID: 100% unique, non-repeating, permanent, 8-digit alphanumeric RFID code.
  • Battery-free transponder
  • Programmable: 1-16 alphanumeric characters for programming (read/write) with customized study information. Can be programmed in the cannula prior to implantation or in the animal. Once programmed it can only be removed or changed via UID Programming software.
  • Biocompatible: Glass encapsulated (BIO GLASS 8625)
  • Operating Frequency: 134 kHz
  • Read Distance: 4 cm to 8″ (depending on reader)
  • Availability: Provided individually packaged in ETO sterile blister pack
  • Availability: Provided in sharp, triple ground cannula (12.5G; 2.59mm O.D.) for easy insertion
  • MRI Compatible: Tested at 12T with no heating, movement, or loss of permanent or programmed data
  • X-Ray Compatible: Yes
  • Ultrasound Compatible: Yes
  • Compatible Readers: URH-1HP Handheld ReaderURH-300HP High Power ReaderUBS-200 Base Station
  • Compatible Injectors: UPGI-Q Pistol Grip InjectorStainless Steel InjectorSyringe Injector
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UCT-2112-24  Temperature and programmable microchips 2.1mm x 13mm, box of 24 Get quote
UCT-2112-198  Temperature and programmable microchips 2.1mm x 13mm, box of 198 Get quote
UCT-2112-990  Temperature and programmable microchips 2.1mm x 13mm, box of 990 Get quote