Charles River Laboratories

WAG rat, WAG/RijCrl

Code 24981529-553
WAG rat model for epilepsy, behavior, immunology research.
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Nomenclature: WAG/RijCrl

Type: Inbred

Origin: A.L. Bacharach, Glaxo Labs., U.K., 1924, from a Wistar stock. To Harrington in 1964 at F83. To MBL-TNO in 1953, after that to REP Institutes TNO, Rijswijk. To Charles River Germany from REP Institutes TNO in 1993. To Charles River Italy in 2014.

Coat color: White (albino)

Strain code: 638

Ideal for: Epilepsy, behavior, immunology. General multipurpose model.

Bred in: Italy

Health reports: Using strain nomenclature find the strain at link below

*Photos provided courtesy of Charles River