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ZDF rat (Obese fa/fa), ZDF-Leprfa/Crl

Code ZDF rat, obese
Zucker Diabetic Fatty rat models are mostly used for type 2 diabetes and obesity research and also for hyperlipidemia, hyperinsulinemia and glucose intolerance.
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Nomenclature: ZDF-Leprfa/Crl

Type: Inbred

Origin: A mutation occurred in a colony of outbred Zucker rats in the laboratory of Dr. Walter Shaw at Eli Lilly Research Laboratories in Indianapolis, IN in 1974–75. Part of this colony containing the mutation was moved to Indiana University Medical School (IUMS), to the laboratory of Dr. Julia Clark in 1977. Several groups of animals with diabetic lineage were identified and rederived in 1981. Inbreeding of selected pairs from this rederivation was done in the laboratory of Dr. Richard Peterson at IUMS. An inbred line of ZDF rat was established in 1985. To Genetic Models, Inc. in 1991. To Charles River in 2001.

Coat color: Black hooded with black stripe down the length of the back

Strain codes: 370 (Obese fa/fa)

Ideal for:Type 2 diabetes*, hyperlipidemia, glucose intolerance, obesity, hyperinsulinemia.

*Note: We recommend male obese ZDF rats be fed Purina #5008 diet to induce programmed and consistent development of Type 2 diabetes. Female obese ZDF rats express a reproducible Type 2 diabetes phenotype when fed D12468 from Research Diets, Inc.

Bred in: France, US

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*Photos provided courtesy of Charles River