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We are committed to providing you with high-quality genetically standardized models such as SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) and SOPF (Specific and Opportunistic Pathogen Free) animals which are free of select infectious agents and parasites. The terms SPF and SOPF are mare commonly used in continental Europe while, VAF Plus and VAF Elite are mare recognisable in the UK and North America. 
SPF = VAF Plus and SOPF = VAF Elite; they are based on the same monitoring programmes in terms of agents screened, number and age of animals screened, frequency of testing, and recycling policies. 

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Original Health Reports available online on the following webistes :

Charles River Laboratories - Health Reports 
Jackson Laboratories - Health Reports

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Knockout model to study the role of nuclear receptors in the impact of carcinogenic substances, the compounds of xenobiotic metabolism and hepatotoxicity.
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Charles River continually invests in innovations and in sophisticated IVF techniques so animals can be produced more quickly and in greater quantities than with traditional methods.
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Overview Charles River can remove adventitious organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites, from mice and rats with our rederivation services. Rederived animals ar...
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Charles River helps clients select, customize, create, and maintain the right model for their studies using the latest technologies. Our expert staff can work with you from concept to model creation to deliver the research animals you require for your studies.
Trpv1 knockout rat
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The model has biallelic TRPV1 gene deletion, which is useful in the study of pain, nociception, analgesia, and thermoregulation.
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Model with expresion of Cre recombinase. For applications in optogenetic, expression and nockout recombined genes and DREADD.
Wistar Wu rat
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General multipurpose model for toxicology and aging studies.
Szczury rozwijające cukrzycę typu 2.
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Nomenklatura: ZDF-Leprfa/Crl Hodowla: krewniacza Pochodzenie:  Mutacja pojawiła się w niekrewniaczej koloni szczurów Zucker hodowanych w latach 1974-1975 w laborator...