OxyLite™ Pro – in vivo & in vitro oxygen monitoring

OxyLite Pro Oxford Optronix

OxyLite™ Pro – in vivo & in vitro oxygen monitoring


Third generation, two- or four-channel oxygen and temperature monitor with integrated touch-screen display.

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OxyLite™ Pro – in vivo & in vitro oxygen monitoring

Absolute units of dissolved oxygen
The fluorescence-based technique employed by our oxygen monitors provides an absolute measurement of dissolved oxygen in mmHg or kPa. In vivo this provides a direct readout of oxygen availability to cells and tissue, in contrast to blood oxygen saturation assessment (pulse oximetry), which merely describes the haemoglobin oxygenation status of blood.

Sensitivity and accuracy
Third-generation opto-electronics provide unmatched sensitivity, stability and accuracy in the physiologically relevant pO2 range (0 – 200 mmHg) and under conditions of hypoxia (0 – 15 mmHg).

No oxygen consumption
Zero oxygen consumption at the point of measurement, thus innately suitable for continuous and absolute oxygen sensing, even under conditions of extreme hypoxia.

Microchip sensors
‘EEPROM’ technology embedded within our purpose-designed connectors provides unsurpassed ease of use and user convenience by completely eliminating all calibration procedures. Simply ‘plug and go’!

Touch-screen display and interface
OxyLite™ Pro models feature a touch-sensitive, high-contrast, 140º viewing-angle screen, which displays real-time data in both digital and graphical (trace) formats, and provides access to instrument/user settings.

Built-in temperature compensation
Automatic temperature compensation of the pO2 measurement through optional, integrated temperature sensors.

Full support for both in vivo (tissue) pO2 applications AND measurement of dissolved oxygen in vitro (e.g. hypoxic cell culture, tissue constructs, bioreactors and more).

Minimally invasive for in vivo applications
Oxygen sensor diameters range from approximately 230 µm – 750 µm to suit a host of tissue monitoring applications and cause minimal tissue disruption in use.

MRI compatibility
Dedicated sensor types provide support and compatibility for magnetic resonance imaging (selected sensor types only).

Multi-channel productivity
The OxyLite™ Pro is available in dual or 4-channel models to suit all needs including the simultaneous monitoring of oxygen from multiple tissue sites (e.g. comparison of pathological versus control tissue sites), or multiple in vitro samples.

The OxyLite™ Pro dual-channel model can be factory upgraded to a 4-channel device.

Single-sensor multi-parameter monitoring
Our OxyLite™ oxygen and temperature models are designed specifically to be used in tandem with our OxyFlo™ range of blood flow monitors, providing support for simultaneous measurements of tissue oxygenation, blood flow and temperature from each combined sensor .

Analogue outputs
Continuous data recording to PC or Mac platforms is supported via standard analogue data outputs offering compatibility with third party data recording solutions.

2-year product warranty
Our monitors are now provided with a full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, covering defects in material or in workmanship. An optional extended warranty package, providing a total of 5 years of ‘peace of mind’ cover, inclusive of two maintenance services is available at the time of purchase.

Oxford Optronix systems are used in many fields of research:

  • tumors, cancers
  • studies of the brain, stroke, middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO)
  • internal organs, shock
  • plastic surgery, wound healing
  • physiology, ischemia
  • ophthalmology
  • applications in vitro

We invite you to download a list of publications: [download]