Cages for mice type III, conventional

Cages type III made of policarbonate, polisulphone and polypropylene.
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Cage designed for mice for housing during experiments and breeding. Products meets international rules and guidlines in the field of animal welfare, especially requirements of the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council 2010/63/EC in this range.

Floor area in available models of type III cages is 840cm2.

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Offered cages type III, produced as an eurostandard, are compatible with other systems available on the market.

Learn more about the guidelines for the number of animals that can be kept in cages.


Sterilization of conventional cages for 20 minutes in autoclave 

  • Polycarbonate - 121°C
  • Polysulphone - 134°C
  • Polyproyplene - 121°C

Learn more about washing and sterilizing laboratory animal cages.

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031200256  Cage type III - polycarbonate Get quote
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PP III  Cage type III - polypropylene Get quote