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Endotracheal intubation kits for mice & rats

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The intubation kit tncludes:

  • Intubation platform
  • Intubation stand with adjustable head positioning
  • Anesthesia mask for anesthesia delivery during intubation
  • Anesthesia mask tubing & connectors
  • Rechargeable USB LED light source
  • USB AC power adapter
  • 5-pack of catheters (20G for the Mouse Intubation Kit; 16G for the Rat Intubation Kit)
  • Suture (1 meter long)
  • Dental spatula
  • Dental mirror
  • Power supply

Features & benefits

  • Integrated anesthesia mask: Deliver isoflurane during intubation
  • Independent neck positioner: Align airway structures for intubation
  • Fiber optic light: Illuminate airway for enhanced visualization
Name product
ETI-MSE  Mouse endotracheal intubation kit Get quote
ETI-RAT  Rat endotracheal intubation kit Get quote