The company has been operating since 1998, specializing in the design and implementation of management software for scientific research units and animal facilities.
Producer of aspen bedding and environmental enrichment for laboratory animals.
A leader in the design and development of data acquisition systems for life science. It has a very wide range of measurement systems for research and education.
Manufacturer of water treatment systems.
The American company specializing in the production of systems for breeding laboratory animals, ivc, cages, workstations.
The German manufacturer of diets dedicated for laboratory animals. Altromin offers standard and special diets.
The largest manufacturer of implantable osmotic pumps for infusion of substances in laboratory animals.
Aquaneering is an internationally recognized leader in the manufacture of Fluidized Bed Biofiltration systems for aquatics research housing.
Campden Instruments originated on Campden Hill Road, in the Kensington area of London in 1970 when psychologist Dr. Karl Weiss built up a company that made the most innovative operant equipment of the time as well as other physiological instruments for which the company soon became famous.
Company breeds more than 100 models of laboratory animals, providing genetic engineering, surgical and health monitoring services on laboratory animals.
ChemoMetec is a worldwide leading manufacturer in the areas of cell counting and analysis in every segment of the biotech industry.
CBC is committed to manufacturing the highest quality isolators, cleanrooms, containment units and components for animal research and pharmaceutical production.
Leader in the development and production of myographs and organ baths systems.
DIA-Nielsen - „The Intelligent Alternative“, represents innovative, customized plastic products in the life science, biotechnology, laboratory and medical area.
Foramaflow has been developing fumigation systems for fifty years and the first company in the world to design and manufacture a Formalin Vaporiser for use on the early microbiological safety cabinets.
ibidi is a leading supplier for functional cell-based assays and advanced products for cellular microscopy. ibidi is located in Martinsried, Germany, close to Munich and the US headquarters, ibidi USA Inc., is located in Madison, Wisconsin.
Indus Instruments is a company established in 1992 which specializes in Biomedical, Energy and Research engineering disciplines.
Founded in 2010, Industrial Plankton Inc. designs and manufactures turnkey bioreactors in Canada for clean, on-site, live plankton production for aquaculture, research lab, and biotechnology uses.
The manufacturer of equipment for infusion and sampling from laboratory animals and feeding tubes.
Drawing on more than 25 years of experience, Kent Scientific Corporation continues to serve medical and research scientists worldwide as a provider of innovative integrated solutions for pre-clinical research and drug discovery advancement.
Kojair is specialised in development, manufacturing and marketing of microbiological safety cabinets and other clean-air devices.
Labodia is producer and supplier wide range of products for laboratories, animal facilities and research for the benefit of humanity.
Manufacturer of in vitro and in vivo systems for Zebra fish.
Human & Animal Welfare compliant Euthanasia for Mice manufacturer.
Manufacturer of computer controlled robot stereotaxic with integrated digital brain atlas.
Global pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of sophisticated instrumentation for clinical medicine and the life sciences.
Peira is a technology provider & integrator and applied science partner for life science groups who want to build new, innovative research or proof-of-principle set-ups.
World leader in acrylic glove boxes, anaerobic chambers, nitrogen dry glove boxes, and HEPA filtered isolation glove boxes.
Established in 2002, RWD Life Science has been dedicated to being a leading manufacture in veterinary and research equipments worldwide.
Star-Oddi is a high technology company, founded in Iceland in 1985. It has since its inception been a leading developer and manufacturer of small sensors, data loggers and technology used in aquatic and animal research. Besides research in ecosystems and aquatic environments the products are used in other industries like biomedical, food & beverage plus other industries.
Steelco is a reference point for the production of disinfection, sanitization and sterilization devices in many professional areas. With a strong inclination for the foreign markets but still with a production 100% made in Italy, the company represent an excellence within the infection control industry and is able to provide its customers with solutions that go beyond market standards.
Manufacturer of multi-layer, decontaminating mats for surgery rooms, animals facilities and laboratories. Company is also producer of medical needles and devices.
All of our design and manufacturing happens on our premises. Sutter’s machine shop has become one of the finest precision machining facilities in Northern California, employing state-of-the-art CNC machining and turning centers for volume production of precision mechanical components. This allows us to rapidly develop products, and to customize any of our products to the needs of the individual researcher.
The Jackson Laboratory focuses on mammalian genetics research with a strong research program investigating cancer and other genetic diseases.
Company specializing in the development and production of automatic, modular systems to behavioral, metabolic, inhalation and telemetry studies.
Ugo Basile's roots trace back to 1963 at the Department of Veterinary Physiology, University of Milan. The company now considered a world leading manufacturer of instruments for Behavioral Research, providing classic and innovative instruments that scientists have been using worldwide since 1963. Ugo Basile quality system is ISO 9001 certified.
Manufacturer of anesthesia, euthanasia and equipment for operation on laboratory animals also cages for animals.
Velaz is one of the foremost suppliers of laboratory animals (rodents) and most of the consumables connected with them, such as sterile feedings and beddings of different kinds and quality, all types of cages with measures according to most recent and appliable guidelines and other items.
Vieworks - manufacturer of cost effective in vivo imaging solutions.
ViewPoint, precursor of behavioral tracking. Viewpoint was the first to automate locomotor tracking of rodents, and has since stayed innovative leader providing/offering various apparatus and capabilities.
Leading laboratory product manufacturer focused on providing our customers with cutting-edge laboratory instruments at cost-effective prices. Nearly 50 years ago, WPI designed and manufactured electrophysiology equipment. Now, they are in several areas of study, the core being in tissue and cell biology, animal physiology and electrophysiology