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Bioreactors are the solution for on-site algae or rotifer culture, letting you focus on growing your business instead of your plankton.
The VideoTrack system for automation of behavioral experiments has come a long way since 1990. Thanks to our users' community in the pharmaceutical industry and universities, VideoTrack has evolved to an easy to use and high throughput system able to automate complex behavior analysis.
Measuring the value of electrical impedance of the vagina is a precise method for detecting the optimum day for mating during the 4-day estrous cycle in the rat. With mouse probe you may measure mouse vaginal impednace. See MK-12 Vaginal Impedance Checker.


14 08.20
Cravings and Weightlifting Squats:
Technologies that Explore New Metabolic and Behavioral Research Join Dr. Zhen Yan (University of Virginia) and Dr. Diego Bohorquez (Duke University) as...
13 07.20
Join Us for a Free Live Webinar Applications of Cell Culture Under Flow: Endothelial Response to Shear Stress. Do you want to know: -more details about the endothelial cell response to flow?...
06 07.20
Find the perfect plate to observe cells during your experiments. Download the latest IBIDI catalog and explore the diverse range of plates and tools for laboratory tests: wide range of...
28 05.20
Animalab invites you to participate in a free of charge webinar: “Zebrafish model research applications” Date and time: 16th of June 2020 from 2 PM till 4 PM.  Register now Zebrafish: about...

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SomnoSuite is our innovative low-flow anesthesia delivery system designed specifically for mice and rats. Unlike traditional vaporizers, the SomnoSuite is engineered with a precision syringe pump and integrated digital vaporizer which uses either room air or compressed gas to deliver anesthesia at low flow rates proportionate to the animal's size. Using less anesthesia not only benefits the animal during procedures, but significantly reduces the risk of exposure to lab personnel from waste anesthesia gas.
Introducing Phantom2, the latest innovation in animal transfer stations from Allentown! The Phantom2 expands upon everything that made the original Phantom great, with improved ISO Class 3 airflow, the new Active Barrier ContainmentTM (ABC) system, technologic and ergonomic enhancements to improve ease of use, lighter weight, a variety of optional features for added convenience, and so much more!