Cage type II PC

Cage type II PC


Polycarbonate cage, tank with lid, for mice kept during the experiments and procedures.

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Cage type II PC

Cage designed for mice in the experiments and breeding.

The maximum permissible number of animals during experiments in a cage depends on their body weight:


  • up to 20 g – 6 pcs
  • 20 g to 25 g – 5 pcs
  • 25 g to 30 g – 4 pcs
  • above 30 g – 3 pcs

Breeding tank type II

Material: polycarbonate , transparent
Height: 140 mm
Dimensions – bottom: 252 x 167 mm ( length x width)
Floor area: 375 cm2
Weight: 485 g

Wire lid

  • the dividing plate in the feeder is part of the lid

Materials: stainless steel


All parts of the cage can be repeatedly sterilized in a steam autoclave at 120 ºC for 20 minutes.