Cage type IIL PC

Klatka typ IIL
Pokrywa ze stali nierdzewnej do klatki IIL

Cage type IIL PC

Very common type of cage to breed laboratory mice. Fully compatible with cages type Eurostandard IIL with other brands.

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Cage type IIL PC

Cage designed for mice in the experiments and breeding.

The maximum permissible number of animals during experiments in a cage depends on their body weight:


  • up to 20 g – 9 pcs

  • 20 g to 25 g – 7 pcs

  • 25 g to 30 g – 6 pcs

  • above 30 g – 5 pcs

Breeding cage type IIL

Material: polycarbonate , transparent

Fully compatible with all common conventional cages type IIL available from other suppliers. 

Wire cover

the dividing plate in the feeder is part of the lid

Material: stainless steel


All parts of the cage can be repeatedly sterilized in a steam autoclave at 120oC for 20 minutes.