Ferret restrainers

Ferret restrainers


The Plas-Labs Feret restrainer is a modifed version of a similar device initailly described by Dr. Daniel McLain in the Volume #35, No. 7 issue of Lab Animalmagazine. We offer 4 sizes taking into consideration the animals age, weight and sex.

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Ferret restrainers

The units are constructed of optical quality clear acrylic (Perspex™), and a formed black plastic nose cone with an Acetal™ locking slide. The main restraining cylinder can be rotated 360° to provide complete access to the animal. All units are mounted on a white acrylic base plate with suction cup feet to guarantee reliable stabilty during testing procedures. Counter top space required is 292 x 534 [mm] / 11,5" x 21". 

Available models

Model Item I.D. x L Animal weight
571-FR 6,4 cm  x 45,72 cm / 18" 400 - 700 g
572-FR 7,9 cm  x 45,72 cm / 18" 650 - 1100 g
573-FR 8,8 cm  x 45,72 cm / 18" 1000 - 1750 g
574-FR 10,1 cm  x 45,72 cm / 18" 1500 - 2000 g


Use of an adjustable restraint device for prolonged and intermittent intravenous infusion and blood sampling in ferrets

Daniel E. McLain, PhD, CNS (FACN), DABFE
Lab Animal, July 2006, Volume 35 No 7