Mouse arch

Mouse arch


Arches for mice activity stimuli. Available in 2 colorous: red and amber.

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Mouse arch

Product description:

  • Transparent tinted polycarbonate makes visual cage checks easy
  • Helps prevent boredom, reduce anxiety and aggressive behaviors
  • Helps improve breeding. Ideal for mothers to use for nesting
  • Available in red or amber
  • The color tint (red or amber yellow) diffuses light giving the mouse a real sense of security and protection
  • Open bottom prevents feces and urine accumulation
  • Made of non-toxic durable polycarbonate
  • Fits nearly all types of cages
  • Cage washer safe and autoclavable

Dimensions [mm]: 76,2 L x 38,10 H

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The cage made ​​of polycarbonate for mice maintained in the experiment.
Klatka typ IIL
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Very common type of cage to breed laboratory mice. Fully compatible with cages type Eurostandard IIL with other brands.