Multi myograph system 620M

Multimiograf naczyniowy 620M DMT

Multi myograph system 620M


Myograph for in vitro testing of small and large blood vessels, the trachea and the sections of the intestine.

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Multi myograph system 620M

The Multi Wire Myograph System – 620M is the successor to our very popular 610M myograph system. This 4-channel multi myograph system is a highly sophisticated yet robust research instrument. It is an easy-to-use system for in vitro studies of small and large blood vessels, trachea or gut mounted as larger ring preparations (up to 10 mm).

Features & benefits:

  • wire Myograph with four chambers allows the study of four vessels or tissue rings simultaneously
  • ideal for work requiring a higher throughput such as repetitive concentration-response curves
  • jaw and pin mounts facilitate the use of a mix of small or larger ring segments from 60 μm to 450 μm (up to 10 mm when using pins)
  • the segments remain viable for >12 hours
  • built-in electrical heating, electronic valves for simultaneous rapid removal of buffer, analog output of force
  • optional add-on of the Automatic Buffer Filler System – 625FS allows semi-automated filling of all four chambers