OxyFlo™ Pro - blood flow measurements

OxyFlo Pro Oxford Optronics

OxyFlo™ Pro - blood flow measurements


Third-generation, two- or four-channel laser-Doppler tissue blood flow monitor with integrated touch-screen display.

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OxyFlo™ Pro - blood flow measurements

Continuous tissue blood flow assessment
Our new-generation high performance laser Doppler blood flow monitors provide uncompromised reliability in continuous tissue blood flow assessment and are ideal suited to measurements of changing tissue blood flow in acute experimental models.

A range of probe types and probe formats provide support for a host of specialist disciplines and applications requiring both invasive or non-invasive tissue blood flow assessment.

OxyFlo™ monitors incorporate our proprietary artefact rejection technology, effectively filtering out the presence of motion artefacts in the blood flow signal. Substantially reduces and in most cases, completely eliminates motion artefacts or ‘spikes’ in the blood flow data arising from sensor cable movement and/or regular tissue movement (e.g. due to breathing).

Plug and play
OxyFlo™ probes require no calibration procedures or configuration following one-time probe calibration. Probes supplied at the time of monitor shipment are supplied factor pre-calibrated.

Touch-screen display and interface
OxyFlo™ Pro models feature a touch-sensitive, high-contrast, 140º viewing-angle screen, which displays real-time data in both digital and graphical (trace) formats, and provides access to instrument/user settings.

Multi-channel productivity
The OxyFlo™ Pro is available in dual or 4-channel models to suit all needs including the simultaneous monitoring of blood flow from multiple tissue sites (e.g. comparison of pathological versus control tissue sites).

The OxyFlo™ Pro dual-channel model can be factory upgraded to a 4-channel device.

Multi-parameter monitoring
Our OxyFlo™ blood flow monitors are designed specifically to be used in tandem with our OxyLite™ range of oxygen monitors – providing support for simultaneous measurements of tissue oxygenation, blood flow and temperature from each combined sensor.

Analogue data outputs
Continuous data recording to PC or Mac platforms is supported via standard analogue data outputs offering compatibility with third party data recording solutions.

2-year product warranty
Our monitors are now provided with a full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, covering defects in material or in workmanship. An optional extended warranty package, providing a total of 5 years of ‘peace of mind’ cover, including two annual maintenance services is available at the time of purchase.

Oxford Optronix systems are used in many fields of research:

  • tumors, cancers
  • studies of the brain, stroke, middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO)
  • internal organs, shock
  • plastic surgery, wound healing
  • physiology, ischemia
  • ophthalmology
  • applications in vitro

We invite you to download a list of publications: [download]