Poultry battery cages by Allentown

Klatki dla kur znoszących jaja
Klatki dla drobiu Allentown
Klatki dla drobiu elementy Allentown

Poultry battery cages by Allentown

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Poultry battery cages by Allentown

Allentown's poultry herd cages were designed to keep the laying hen eggs clean in a clean environment. The plastic cage floor provides a warm and soft environment. The slightly inclined plane leads the eggs to the removable plastic-covered outer cages. Electropolished doors are equiped with adjustable door grille for easy access to the inside of the cage. Poultry herd cages are made of 304L stainless steel with high strength joints. Designed for research applications, resistant to harsh environments and rigorous cleaning regimes. The set is divided into 6 independent cages with an area of ​​†<†<, 29m2 each. Full cage walls provide isolation between them.

Product features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Inclined plastic covered floor
  • Removable egg baskets covered with plastic
  • Adjustable feed access
  • 0.29 m2 of floor area/cage
  • 6 cages on a rack
  • 14 mm deep stainless steel trays for secretions
  • Automatic watering system: 6 valves with containers
  • Stainless steel wheels with brakes
  • Dimensions of the kit CH19241916-A:

Width: 1041 mm

Depth: 851 mm

Height: 2102 mm

Other configurations on request.