Startle / Fear potentiated Startle

Startle response system

Startle / Fear potentiated Startle


The fully computerized TSE Startle Response/PPI test system is designed for accurate and reliable determination of the startle reflex and investigation of sensorimotor gating in rodents.

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Startle / Fear potentiated Startle

The fully computerized TSE Startle Response/PPI test system is designed for accurate and reliable determination of the startle reflex and investigation of sensorimotor gating in rodents. In „PPI” (pre-pulse inhibition) experiments a weak prepulse is followed by the startle stimulus inducing a reduced startle response.

Animals are restrained in small cages restricting major movements and placed on species-specific measuring platforms with integrated high-precision sensors in sound-attenuating isolated cabinets. The flexible software package allows the creation of user-defined protocols including complex „pre-pulse” designs. Reaction time, i.e. response latency, and startle amplitude for each trial are presented in results tables. Graphs allow the performance of several animals to be compared.

Key features

  • pair of high-performance loudspeakers for sine sound and noise generation with up to 130dB startle intensity
  • acoustic pre-pulse and startle stimulus generation with computer-controlled amplitude and frequency setting
  • optional air puff components for tactile startle experiments
  • mild electric shock applicable
  • suitable for fear-potentiated and light-enhanced startle trials



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Startle Response



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Startle Response

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InfraMot, Fear Conditioning System, Startle Response, Morris Water Maze, Light / Dark, Open Field

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VideoMot, Active Avoidance, Passive Avoidance, Startle Response

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VideoMot, Startle Response, Fear Conditioning System, InfraMot



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VideoMot, InfraMot, Startle Response

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Startle Response

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ActiMot, Startle Response

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ActiMot, Startle Response

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VideoMot, ActiMot, Startle Response, Operant Behavior System

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VideoMot, ActiMot, Startle Response

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ActiMot, Startle Response

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ActiMot, Startle Response

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Fear Conditioning System, Startle Response

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VideoMot, Startle Response, RotaRod, Grip Strength Meter, Active Avoidance, Drinking / Feeding, InfraMot, Running Wheel

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Startle Response



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Startle Response

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Startle Response



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Startle Response

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Startle Response

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Startle Response

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Startle Response

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VideoMot, Startle Response, Fear Conditioning System



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Active Avoidance, Grip Strength Meter, RotaRod, VideoMot, Startle Response

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Startle Response, Operant Behavior System, ActiMot

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ActiMot, Operant Behavior System, Stereotaxic Instruments, Startle Response

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ActiMot, Operant Behavior System, Startle Response



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Startle Response,VideoMot, ActiMot

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Startle Response

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ActiMot, Startle Response



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Startle Response, Operant Behavior System, ActiMot



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Startle Response, Operant Behavior System
PhenoMaster / LabMaster (Drinking / Feeding, Activity), RotaRod, Startle Response



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