Tissue bath system - 720MO

Tissue bath system 720MO DMT

Tissue bath system - 720MO


The 4-channel Tissue bath system - 720MO is a highly sophisticated, robust, easy-to-use research instrument for the in vitro study of larger blood vessels (>500 μm) and other tubular tissues mounted as ring preparations of up to 10 mm in diameter, such as trachea or gut.

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Tissue bath system - 720MO

Each single myograph unit, made of aluminium, has a round, centrally placed stainless steel chamber. The tissue supports are pins positioned in the chamber with one side attached to the force transducer and the other to a micropositioner.

Each unit has individually controlled gas inflow and suction. Heating and connections for vacuum and gassing are on the myograph interface, permitting the preparations in all four chambers to be kept under physiological conditions (37°C, and bubbled with a gas mixture of your choice). The interface also houses all the electronics and micro-processor for calibration, the circuitry for analog outputs, and a USB port for easy updates.

Following mounting and equilibration, passive length-tension relationships for the vessels are determined. During experiments the circumference of the vessel is kept constant. Compounds can be added directly to the chamber, and the tissues’ contractility and reactivity are measured under isometric conditions.

Features & benefits

  • The four chambers allow studies of four preparations simultaneously
  • Ideal for work requiring a higher through-put such as cumulative concentration-response curves
  • Pin mounts facilitate the use of larger ring segments from 500 μm up to 10 mm
  • Built-in heating, electronic valves for simultaneous rapid remo-val of buffer, analog output of force
  • Optional Automatic Buffer Filler System - 625FS allows semi-automated filling of all four chambers


This Tissue Bath System is highly suited for pharmacological investigations of tissue reactivity. Multiple 720MO units, especially in combination with the Automatic Buffer Filler System - 625FS, can be conveniently arranged side-by-side, making the 720MO an ideal system for work requiring a higher throughput, such as drug screening, concentration responses, or experiments where individual testing of larger diameter tubular tissues in separate baths is necessary.


"KV 7 channels are involved in hypoxia-induced vasodilatation of porcine coronary arteries"

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"α1-Adrenergic responsiveness in human skeletal muscle feed arteries: the impact of reducing extracellular pH"

Ives SJ, Andtbacka RH, Noyes RD, Morgan RG, Gifford JR, Park SY, Symons JD, Richardson RS

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