Tissue organ bath system - 751mT mini TOBS

Organ bath system mini 751MT DMT

Tissue organ bath system - 751mT mini TOBS


An affordable system that is recommended for a large variety of studies, predominantly in the teaching environment, where contractile force measurement (isometric or isotonic) is required. Whether the experiment involves cardiac, skeletal or smooth muscle, the availability of a range of tissue holders and chambers make it a versatile laboratory tool.

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Tissue organ bath system - 751mT mini TOBS

Using proven technologies from DMT high-end line of myograph systems, and with the aim of enhancing productivity and efficiency in physiology, pharmacology and toxicology teaching laboratories, the mini-TOBS is a beautifully designed tool that sets new standards.

DMT replaced the traditional water-based heating system with a very fast air-heating system. Furthermore, automated control of filling/emptying has been added, and an analog output has been provided for external data acquisition. The mini-TOBS has two heated and aerated buffer bottles which allow you to work with different buffers.

Maintenance is an inconvenience in many systems. In the mini- TOBS, replacing the parts in contact with buffer takes less than a minute. Low maintenance and a high level of automation will increase the productivity in any teaching lab or research lab on a budget.

Note that the mini-TOBS fits neatly in a fume hood, providing a convenient solution for researchers experimenting with hazardous tissue.

Feature & benefits

  • Fully functional yet economical
  • Closed buffer circuit with no external reservoirs
  • Automated fill and drain
  • Non water-based heating system
  • Isometric and Isotonic transducers available
  • Built-in amplifiers
  • Simple controls and intuitive operation


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