Triumph II XOCT®

Triumph II XOCT®

Fast, low dose CT subsystem for Triumph II preclinical imaging system.

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Triumph II XOCT®

The XOCT subsystem offers fast preclinical image scanning and the option to image both small and larger animals using lower doses. The X-O® CT imaging system is equipped with an advanced CMOS digital X-ray detector technology and has the flexibility to perform a wide range of in-vivo scanning, including whole body imaging in less than a minute. The CT Zoom® feature allows for optimization of the field of view and resolution. A large field of view can be used for imaging animals larger than rats, while high resolution can be obtained for smaller animals.

XCOT subsystem makes CT imaging more efficient by speeding up the scanning process, reducing the dosage required and allowing for a wide range of image positions and resolutions. The system is designed to make in-vivo imaging more effective for preclinical researchers using small animals.

CT subsystem characteristics

  • Scout View for graphically assigning acquisition and reconstruction ROIs
  • Live Fluoro View for X-ray guided animal positioning
  • Whole body mouse acquisition in less than 1 minute
  • Continuous rotation scan mode allows use of rapidly clearing contrast agents
  • Delivered X-ray dose < 2 cGy (continuous rotation mode)
  • User selectable CT Zoom feature for acquiring a large field of view or high resolution with magnification ranging from 1.29 to 4.45
  • User selectable CT reconstruction options to optimize soft tissue contrast or spatial resolution
  • User selectable X-ray detector binning from 1 x 1 to 4 x 4 for optimal resolution and scanning speed
  • Acquisition graphical user interface to display projection data during a scan
  • User selectable step or continuous rotation scan mode

Example images

Fenestra CT Slice Image, NTMI

2D Dynamic Mouse X-Ray
Image courtesy of Dr. Pradip Chaudhary (ACTREC, India)

50 micron resolution XOCT scan, NTMI