Ugo Basile Fear Conditioning System

Ugo Basile Fear Conditioning System


The Ugo Basile Fear Conditioning Systems 46000 includes all the components to run experiments on mice or rats.

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Ugo Basile Fear Conditioning System

The Ugo Basile Fear Conditioning Systems 46000 includes all the components to run experiments on mice or rats, according to the paradigms:

  • Contextual Fear Conditioning
  • Cued Fear Conditioning

The detection of Freezing is automated and based on video analysis. The shock, light and sound pa-rameters are controlled by software (USB) or ma-nually, via the new Electronic Unit, based on touch-screen technology.

System Configuration

A typical Basic System consists of: 

  • Controller with touch-screen
  • Animal box with electrified floor and Context Kit (3 floors, 9 walls)
  • Isolation Cubicle, with dual (visible/I.R.) light, speaker and fan

The complete system also include:

  • Freezing-detection Software
  • USB Videocamera
  • Preinstalled PC can be supplied as optional

Main Features

  • All controls managed by a single unit
  • AUTOMATIC detection of FREEZING also in Total Darkness
  • Specific versions for rats or mice
  • Multiple Cage  Set-up (up to 16 cages, in
  • The new “launcher” application, makes it possible to manage other UB behavioral cages with the same Touch-Screen Controller 40500-001; just purchase the hardware and the application software for the additional test!
  • Remote Control feature will make remote service and software upgrades extremely simple!
  • New software NG on board

System Components

Software and IR-CCD camera
The Ugo Basile Fear Conditio-ning system benefits of a spe-cific version of the Any-maze software, Cat. No. 60000-FC; the software controls the Ugo Basile hardware, automatical-ly detects the freezing beha-vior and analyzes the results across time. 

Measured parameters include:

  • Total Freezing time
  • No. and duration of freezing episodes across time
  • Wide angle lenses and IR filters are included.


The new FC Controller 40500-001,  with the aid of the new application software 46000-110 consolidates all controls in a single compact electronic unit. 
On its 12” touch-screen, the researcher sets the fol-lowing parameters via the user-friendly interface

  • Sound, in the range 100Hz-18KHz; 55-100dB or whi-te noise. The speaker is included in the Cubicle.
  • Shock: constant current (from 0.1 to 2.9 mA in 0.1 mA steps). The shock can be controlled via external operation (via 5V TTL signals)
  • Light

Connections are arranged on the controller back panel:

Isolation Cubicle

The new-design Isolation Cubicle 46000-590 includes a dual (visible and I.R.) LED light, a loudspeaker and a noi-seless fan all conveniently positioned inside the sound-attenuating cubicle. Multiple-cage set-ups include an expansion-cubicle with its slave electronics on board

Preinstalled PC (optional)

Our Fear Conditioning systems can be used with Win-dows laptop or desktop PCs. We also offer ready-to-use systems, including a PC, with preinstalled software & hardware, fully tested. 


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